Articles by Beatrice Quirante

Monday, 3 May 2021 - PulseCommunity
PressPlay 2021: Today’s journalism in pursuit of the truth Uncover and re-establish the power of the fourth estate, as well as shape public discourse with the truth in the annual campus journalism convention, PressPlay 2021.
Wednesday, 31 March 2021 - Column
Perfect grades? I'd rather learn. Nevermind the A+ streak. Did you actually learn, though?
Saturday, 13 March 2021 - Profiles
Unsolved Mysteries and False Promises: Lumad Edition Touted as the “Murder City” in the 1980s, Davao City has continuously sought to turn the tides of opinion around. Just how credible is its claim as “one of the safest cities in the world”, and are its citizens—particularly those in the fringes, the indigenous Lumads—truly safe?
Sunday, 28 February 2021 - Profiles
Removing the Blindfold With human rights being violated, voices being silenced, and lives being threatened, the fight for freedom and justice slowly walks away from hiding, calling others to draw the light.
Friday, 19 February 2021 - PulseCommunity
Benilde dominates 8th Student Quill Awards with 25 wins Students from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde triumphed yet again in the student arm of the annual Quill Awards, garnering 25 awards from different categories.