Articles by Dylan Kirsten Melencion

Monday, 3 May 2021 - BLIPPeopleFeatures
A celebration of Ar. Merant De Vera’s blueprint of devotion to education Despite his tough exterior and intimidating aura, Architect Merant De Vera was described by his colleagues, peers, and students to have a true passion for teaching and a heart of gold.
Friday, 30 April 2021 - News
XTRO 2021 celebrates wellness, raises nearly P20,000 for chosen charities With XTRO 2021 officially coming to an end, here’s a recap of the events that brought the two-day celebration to life.
Thursday, 1 April 2021 - PlatformLiterary
The Writers of This Article Have Been Fired DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. The events and people portrayed in this piece are products of the authors’ imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is purely coincidental.
Tuesday, 23 March 2021 - College / LifePulseNews
“Kamalayan” seminar calls on the youth to vote and be involved in 2022 elections “You might be asking, SHRIM ako eh, why should I be caring about the government? Why [should I] think politically? It affects you as part of the youth, and it doesn't hurt to be informed. We should not cast a blind eye to what's happening to the government and country.” - Kamille Olaño, the Convener for Botong Benildyano 2022
Sunday, 21 March 2021 - PulseCommunityNews
Looking for job opportunities? Check out UP CAP’s Virtual Career Fair 2021! As the new normal has showed unforeseen challenges for job-hunters across the country, the University of the Philippines Career Assistance Program (UP CAP) aims to be of assistance during these trying times.